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Taken by the Alien High Lord

by Samantha Madisen

When Erya Damascus is taken prisoner by Galacchia Superior's Guards, her first thoughts are of escape. She's all too familiar with the stories of women who are taken as payment for debts on her home planet. It quickly becomes clear that escape is not an option, leading Erya to realize she must submit to her fate.
Impetuous at first, Erya learns a painful lesson at the hand of her captor, the alien High Lord Ghiag. She is taken to an unknown location and subjected to humiliating medical examinations. But her surprising responses of arousal make her suitable as an eventual courtesan for the High King.
Because of her importance, the alien High Lord is put personally in charge of her training. Despite her desire to escape her fate, Erya is soon overwhelmed by her desire for her trainer and his stern hand.
Trystan Ghiag finds his own interest in training the human female peculiar. Her responsiveness to the punishments he administers awakens a desire he has not felt before. As the training progresses, he is drawn to the woman, but conflicted by his duty to the King. He soon finds that his beautiful human charge has claimed a place in his heart.
As the date of Erya's presentation as the Court's newest concubine approaches, Ghiag hatches a risky plan to keep Erya for himself. Will he find a way to keep his trained and beautiful human?
Note: Taken By The Alien High Lord is an erotic novel which includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don�t buy this book.