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Bardassian Mates

A SciFi Alien Romance

by Samantha Madisen

Vigor is completing his final tour of duty leading his platoon in defending the human colony of Gaia Prime against the Circathian invaders.
From the moment he sees the human female he can't take his eyes or his mind off of her.
Though he has sworn an oath of duty to the Bardassian force and the men he leads, Vigor knows he needs to find a way to be with the woman that haunts his dreams.

Lieutenant Abilene Star has been working in the desert refugee camp of Gaia Prime for too many cycles.
Dreaming of an ice planet holiday, the last thing she expects is to be told she's put a Bardassian warrior into mating heat.
When her own body starts reacting to him in strange and unexpected ways, Abilene decides to give the stern warrior a chance.

But when things heat up between them and in the desert conflict, Abilene begins to wonder whether being with a Bardassian is what she wants. Will Vigor be able to change his ways and let Abilene be who she is so he can have her heart?

This is steamy stand-alone 48k word alien romance.