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The Earl's Stolen Bride

by Samantha Madisen

Each year the Marquis d'Enpassant chooses one of his maids to be his guests willing toy during their annual hunt. This year, the fiery-tempered Katherine has been selected, and has agreed. In return, the Marquis offers a small stipend and a tiny cottage for life, a prospect that sounds delightfully appealing to the young maid. But after the head housekeeper reveals to Katherine exactly what she's agreed to, she begins to have second thoughts about the contract she signed. Ronan Cobbe, Earl of Simcoe has never been interested in the Marquis' vulgar offerings, or the hunt for that matter. But politics and propriety demand his attendance even though he prefers to spend most of his time playing chess with Harrison the head butler. When Ronan sees the young woman the Marquis has selected as this years plaything, he is overcome by her beauty and aroused immensely by her temper. When the Marquis informs him he will be the first to have the young woman, Ronan readily agrees. When Katherine is presented to him, her petulance and disrespect earn her an immediate bare-bottomed spanking. This only deepens Ronan's feelings for the girl and he concots a plan that the two should escape from the estate. Katherine, overwhelmed by his discipline, agrees and the they strike out with the Marquis and his men giving chase. Trapped at the train station trying to board the midnight express, the pair meet Sheikh al-Rafal. Whisked into his private carriage and saved from the Marquis' wrath, the three embark on a journey by land and sea that takes them to the Sheikh's home country of Alari. The Sheikh not only approves of Ronan's stern discipline of the young Katherine, but has much to offer on how to train a woman. It is only once they are off the shores of Alari that he reveals his true motives for their rescue and makes a request that Katherine participate in a very humiliating, public ritual. This story features spanking, humiliation,