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Hotwife Books 2
A Wife Sharing Erotica Bundle

by Jason Lenov

From the hottest new author in the genre Jason Lenov, this compilation of previously published books includes the titles: The Village Wife Yes Dear Diary The Village Wife Reg and Jenny have a traditional marriage. He's taught his younger wife to obey and submit to him, as his needs require. Their move to the quiet village of Dunning seems perfect for the next step in their life. When their new friends mistake Jenny's anklet, a gift from Reg, as the sign of an alternative lifestyle, Reg finds himself too aroused to fend off their advances. Jenny only wants to make her husband happy. Reg wants them both to be happy too, but can't control his voyeuristic desires. Will he be able to control his urge? Or will Jenny become the village wife? Yes When his wife receives a friendly massage, Charlie discovers a hidden lust. After sharing his fantasy with Angie, he's thrilled at her interest but unnerved by her eagerness to try it. Charlie leads the couple on an erotic journey of voyeurism and wife-sharing. But will Angie's enthusiasm turn the heat up too high for their marriage? Dear Diary Sam and Kate Parsons have a good life but he wants more attention from his wife. When she leaves her diary out, he can't resist the urge to peak inside. Her writing reveals a secret about the reason their friends are splitting up: a sexual misadventure that derailed their marriage. When Sam confronts Kate about what she wrote, the two embark on a hotwife journey that leads them to the vacation of their life. Will their marriage be able to survive?