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The Seven Clans

Alpha Claimed
An Omegaverse Romance

by M.S. Volny

He found her caged.
He freed her for himself.
He claimed her like no other could.

In the six years since Corona fell the Omegas have been hiding. Trying to wait out the madness that surrounds them, hoping peace will come again.
The peace they remember will never be.
Years of searching have led Baird to Auden. The first Omega any of the seven fractured clans has encountered. He is determined to make her queen.
Her body is his from the beginning. Will he be able to win her heart?

Chapter One
Auden stifled a groan as she hoisted herself up off the dirt floor of the cage.
Six long years of fevered pain had led to this. Six years of willing herself not just to endure her heat, but to embrace the wretched misery it brought every four septemes.
A sliver of moon painted the night sky above. Clouds would sweep past, erasing it from the inky canvas.
Laughter erupted from the campfire flickering in the distance. A wicked, sneering cackling, like adolescents laughing at a dirty joke.
The sound of it made her sick. Being there made her sick. These days, living made her sick, it seemed.
Reaching for the comfort of distant memories, shrouded by the fog of time, she tried to focus on earlier days. Better days. Simpler times before her body had begun betraying her, braying at her to seek the release.
The night air smelled of smoke and wet leaves. A foot kicked dirt into her face through wooden bars.
She winced, snorted, then spat, trying to clear her mouth of filth. “Eat,” a voice said. A sprig of Graten root fell at her feet.
Without looking up, Auden hugged her knees to her chest. She recognized the voice and the leering stare that went with it. Her eyes rose to the lanky, drooling beta who ogled her day and night, massaging his half-stiff erection and occasionally spilling seed into the crate. “Or do you want some of this instead?” A lecherous cackle gurgled out of his throat.
Auden turned a bored stare to one side. He’d been told not to touch her. Mud stained soles and birds nest hair, she was still their prize.
The beta smirked. Letting go his cock to leave it sagging between his legs he grabbed the bars, leaned in and sniffed the air around her. His grin faded to a feral snarl. “You’re in your heat,” he hissed.
The idiot. She was hot even at night. Sweating through her estrous, she reeked of need that caused the betas to circle the crate staring at her. They’d disappear only when Goren crawled out of his tent to chase them back into the shadows. They’d become just eyes peering at her through the darkness, their leering keeping her from sleep.
She hadn’t slept in days.
The ugly beta leaned forward, his pale ribs pressing against the crate, his hand falling to his genitals again. “A little suck,” he begged. His voice carried a lisp like a hissing snake.
Auden worked her tongue around her mouth, gathering what spittle she could wring from her parched lips and spat a thick glob of it at his feet.
His smirk returned. “Do it again.” His attempt at growling was pathetic.
Auden turned her head as he resumed stroking himself. She hugged her legs closer, denying him the sight of any private flesh.
Six years of suffering in the wilderness only to end up a slave. The thought, one that had come often in the last septemes, caused her throat to tighten. She clenched her jaw, choking back the sorrow that threatened to consume her.
As the beta grunted towards release, Auden closed her eyes. She sank into the darkest part of her mind she could search out. The memories filtered in. Memories of Corona. Of a life filled with hope and purpose. Not the feral existence she was living now.
A sadness settled through her. By all accounts it was a shadow of the city it had been. But maybe, if the Gods allowed it, if they had any mercy at all, they would let her find her way back there. Maybe there was still some semblance of civilization left. So she could reclaim a shred of the dignity she remembered.
The beta grunting toward release dragged her from her thoughts. Then, from somewhere in the darkness a different sound. A sound she hadn’t heard yet coming from the trees.
Her eyes shot open, darting past the onanizing male, scanning brush beyond to find the source.
“What was that?” One of the others stood behind him, peering past the fire.
The male paused, then muttered something, clutching harder at his crooked cock, nearly finished with his filthy chore.
Auden’s ears pricked up. Her nostrils flared at the sudden scent of something on the wind. Her traitorous gut twisted, causing her to clutch at her stomach. The scent, not one she’d ever smelled, felt like it was tugging at her, goading her to uncross her legs, display herself and sniff at the air like an animal.
Raw skin, sweat, musk and power like she’d never smelled. Power tearing through the forest, ripping undergrowth to shreds as it bore down on their position.
She felt it next. Through the ground, up through her legs, to her very core. It twisted her sideways causing her to fall and claw at the dirt.
The beta’s jerking stopped. He opened his eyes. His jaw fell. Craning his neck to look over his shoulder he couldn’t have seen the two powerful hands settle on his shoulders before they hurled him toward the fire like a broken twig. He landed with a dull thud, kicking up a cloud of dust. His mouth opened like a fish on land, still alive and struggling to breathe.
The wind picked up, whistling in the branches overhead.
Auden’s skin prickled as a finger of cold terror traced a line down her spine at what she saw.
Where the Beta had stood two eyes glared at her. A wall of dense and muscled flesh towered over the cage, hands curled into claws and ready. His very posture demanded submission. His dark gaze conveying there was no choice about it. Tilting his head he grabbed the enclosure and sniffed the air.
Behind him the betas cowered, crawling back into the shadows. Fear in their eyes even though his back was to them. Their stares darted from his broad torso to Auden’s frame and back again.
“What is this?”
The growl caused her stomach to clench. The urge struck like lightning and came laced with humiliation. To roll over and rise onto her hands and knees. To press her cheek against the dirt, legs spread, and offerherself to him.
Auden was not ashamed by the idea of coupling. But to feel her pride and dignity depart her so completely, to succumb to this base and feral need and present? It was beyond anything she’d ever expected. His very presence stripped her of humanity and caused her to descend and become one of them.
He sniffed the air again. His cock surged, an insistent bulge raising the loincloth he was wearing. The muscles in his arms rippled, threatening to tear the fabric of his tunic. “Omega,” he breathed.
Auden found she couldn’t speak. The word formed in her mind but stayed there.
Despite herself, she needed him. Wanted him. Wanted this.