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The Seven Clans Book 2

Alpha Trained
An Omegaverse Romance

by M.S. Volny

When he found her she didn't know herself.
He claimed her as his own.
Then he helped her remember.

Segrun found Caris by her heat.
Alone in the forest with barely a single memory of who she was or where she'd come from. One thing she knew was that her need for him was irresistible.
But as the pieces of her old life fall back into place will she let him help remake her?

Book 2 in The Seven Clans series, this is a steamy mf omegaverse novella of approximately 20,000 words.
Book 3 scheduled for release early March 2019.

She woke to her body twisting, toes curled, fingers turned to claws digging in the dirt. At first there was nothing. No sense of who she was, or where. Her eyes opened to find thick forest drawn around her.
Dead of night. Silence, save for the occasional gust of wind. And pain. Excruciating pain. It’s source an imprecise spot between her legs. It radiated through her, touching every last nerve, it seemed, and making a moan well from her throat into the moonless sky.
The sound tripped a switch inside her mind. As her hips rose up into the air, cheek scraping across the earth, it was as if a curtain were being drawn back to reveal a name.
I am Caris.

Just enough time to formulate the two thoughts before another pang tightened her insides and made her moan again. It was a dull thing and heavy. Weighing her down like a stone, it seemed, but forcing her to fight it too. To keep her muscles flexed and hips swaying through the air. When it passed she felt like she could breathe again. She used the seconds, maybe twenty, maybe thirty, to cast a lure into the murky waters of her mind, trying to fish out another memory. Nothing came.
Caris. Caris. Caris.
Repeating it felt good. “Caris,” she whispered. The sound of her own voice sent a chill trembling down her back. She relaxed her waist. Just as her hip had nearly settled on the dirt, it came again. She winced as it swelled inside her, forcing her body off the ground. This time she noticed something else. The smell and the drip, drip, drip of sticky wetness from her sex. It was a filthy feeling. Animal, almost. But it demanded her attention and defied any effort at ignoring it.
It made her crave and hunger, made her need something more desperately than she’d ever needed anything before. Lifting trembling fingers, she pressed them against the fabric between her legs and rubbed herself.