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MILF Island Harem

Sexy Beaches

by Kurt Veenk

Shipwrecked on an island with five nurses, will Arthur rise to the occasion and be the man they need?
Waking up on a beach to the gentle sound of a woman's voice, the memories start coming back to Arthur. A storm. A shipwreck. Before that serving as the first mate and cabin boy on a yacht chartered by five women.
It isn't all bad. They've got some water. The trees on the island are replete with a strange and delicious fruit, plenty for everyone to get their fill. All they can do is sit it out and hope to be rescued.
But when the women start experiencing a hunger the fruit can't sate it's up to Arthur to make sure they get their fill. Will he be able to meet the challenge?

Chapter One
The sound of waves lapping at a shoreline woke him. He opened his eyes slowly, squinting against the bright sunlight. The air was warm and damp. Groaning, he put one hand under his chest and hauled himself up to sit. Turning his head caused him to wince. Pain radiated from his neck down his back. He rubbed the spot and craned his head to one side, hoping to work out the kink.
Memories started filtering in.
The boat leaving the dock.
Ominous clouds in the distance.
The captain’s panicked calls of mayday.
And now this.
“Arthur? Artie? You okay hon’?”
The gentle woman’s voice breathed more life into his aching body. He turned to try and locate it’s source. His vision was blurred. He found a vaguely feminine shape a few dozen feet behind him.
His heart skipped a beat as his eyes focused.
Holy shit.
“Mrs…Mrs. Sockett?” His jaw fell as she tossed an unknown, half-eaten fruit onto the sand next to her. She was wearing…almost nothing. A tight pair of white underwear and a torn up bra that barely contained her heaving breasts.
A smile sprouted on her lips. Tucking her feet behind her, she got on all fours and started crawling toward him.
As she neared he could see there was still fruit juice dripping down from her lips and off her chin. Her smile widened to a grin. “Arthur Simmons,” she purred.
He sat up straighter. Started to kick against the sand as she crawled closer to him and tried to grab his foot. His eyes bugged. “Mrs. Sockett what’s going on? What’s happening?”
She giggled and swiped at his foot again.
He yanked it back just in time to keep her grip off it.
“Aw, Artie,” she whispered. “No need to be afraid. I’m not gonna’ hurt you.” Leaning back she sat down and wriggled her toes in the sand.
Artie looked around. The beach looked like paradise. Gleaming white sand, turquoise waters so clear you could see the bottom for hundreds of feet beyond the shore. Behind Clara Sockett a row of palm trees swaying gently in the breeze.
Seagulls circled overhead. “What happened?” he whispered.
“Ship wrecked. It’s over there,” she said, jerking a thumb over her shoulder, further down the beach. He followed the line and saw the luxury yacht, half it’s hull dug into the sandy beach. “Oh my god,” he groaned. “We’re shipwrecked? Where…where is everyone else? Have you seen them? Have you seen anyone else?” His heart started to beat faster as he got his bearings and the reality of their situation settled on him.
“Art. Art. Artie,” she said, holding up a hand to try and calm him. “Settle down. A few of the others went into the jungle to try and find some more of those delicious fruits I was just eating.”
His mind started to race. “The captain?” he asked. “Is the captain okay?”
Her smile faded. She shook her head. “I don’t know. We haven’t been able to find him. Might be fine but he’s not here.”
Arthur groaned. He wanted to kick himself. This was supposed to be his last run with Captain Jacobs. A farewell day-sail out to the island chain then back before he headed home and back to college. And now they were shipwrecked? It didn’t seem real. “We’ve got to see if we can find him,” he said, scrambling to his feet, groaning again against the pressure that started throbbing in his head.
Clara Sockett lifted herself up off the sand.
Arthur caught his breath and couldn’t help but stare for a second too long before looking away. For forty she was stunning. Hell, she looked good for any age. And wearing nothing but the torn underwear wasn’t making it any easier to not gawk at her.
“Hey,” she said softly. “It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.”
Arthur swallowed as she stepped closer and took him by the hand. Lifting his, she patted the back of it to reassure him.
“I’m sure they’re out looking for us already,” she said softly, her sly smile reappearing.
Arthur couldn’t resist stealing another glance at her generous thighs. His eyes wandered up to her taut belly and then to tits that looked like they’d been bolted on by the world’s best plastic surgeon.
Her smile turned into a lewd grin.
Arthur jerked his head away.
“Hey,” she whispered. “It’s okay. I don’t mind if you look.”
Was this really happening?
“I’m…I’m sorry. My mind’s just…a little blurry,” he explained, his voice cracking at the end of the sentence.
She pulled him a step closer and rubbed her hand over his. Her skin seemed softer than any he’d ever felt.
He glanced at her again, careful to meet her eyes this time. “Are you okay?” he asked. “You’re not hurt or anything?”
She shook her head. “A couple of bumps and bruises but nothing to worry about,” she explained. “Come on. How about we take a seat?”
“Uh…” Arthur furrowed his brow. There were protocols for this. Things they should be doing. Sitting wasn’t one of them. “We should really get to the ship and see what we can salvage. Maybe the zodiac’s still…”
“It’s not,” she said, interrupting. “Already checked. Got a hole in the side.”
“Oh but there’s a patch kit and…”
“Arthur,” she said, fixing him with a stern gaze. “I’m a nurse. You’re in shock. You need to take some time to get your bearings. Now as the only medical professional here I order you to sit down and take ten deep breaths.”
It seemed to make sense. And if she really was a nurse she’d know what she was talking about. Unable to muster the will to resist, he nodded, folded his legs crossed and plopped down on the warm sand.
Clara sat down next to him seeming pleased that he’d listened. “There. Isn’t that better?” she asked softly.
Arthur furrowed his brow and nodded again. “I…I guess,” he admitted. “How long was I out?”
Clara shrugged. “You were out when we found you.” “Who’s we?” he demanded.
“Me and the other ladies. How much do you remember?”
Arthur reached back into the murky depths of his memory. “Not much. I…I remember leaving the marina. There were…how many of you? Five?” Clara nodded. “That’s right,” she said softly. “That’s better. See? You’re starting to feel better already aren’t you?”
“I think I am,” he muttered.
“Good. Now just stay calm. Everything’s going to be fine, okay? Can you do that for me?”
“I think I can. Yes,” he said.
Clara nodded and smiled again. Her eyes roamed up and down his seated frame. She bit her lip. “Are you hungry, Artie?” she asked.
“Er, not really,” he replied. “I could use some water though.” His mouth and throat felt like sandpaper.
“Coming up soon. Jen and Sarah should be back with some water any minute now.”
“Okay. Thanks. I feel bad though,” he said.
She scowled. “Why?” she asked.
“I should be helping you and not the other way around. That’s my job. As first mate I…”
“Now you stop all of that talk this minute,” she said, chiding him gently. “You’re not first anything any more. We’re all in this together and we have to help each other any way we can. You just sit there until you feel yourself again.”
He nodded, her warm voice lulling him into security. As bad as he felt for just sitting there, there was something very comforting about how nurturing Clara was being.
He looked around him at the beach again. If the circumstances had been any different he would have been thrilled to be sitting there with this hot, half-naked MILF soaking in the rays.
But they were shipwrecked. This was serious. This was an emergency. Adrenaline shot through him at the next question that formed in his mind. “Did all the others make it?” he asked.
“The girls are all fine. Don’t worry. They’ll be back soon like I said.”
“So it’s just the captain missing?” he asked. She gave him a sympathetic look. “I’m afraid so. Were you two close?”
Arthur nearly snorted. Close? Ha! Jacobs was probably the most annoying boss he’d ever had. But he’d paid well so Arthur had put up with his outbursts and his grumbling. It was a small price to pay for a summer making good money ferrying vacationing women around the island chain. “No,” he replied. “It’s just, he might still be out there. Might need our help?”
Clara shook her head. “He was the last one off the ship. The five of us saw him jump overboard once we all had our life jackets on. Sarah swore she saw him swimming toward shore. He might have made it?”
Arthur thought about this. If Jacobs had made it he’d be on the island somewhere. They’d run into him before too long, depending on how big this place was. If he hadn’t there probably wasn’t too much he or any of the others could do about it. “How are you feeling now?” Clara asked. “Any better?”
“A little bit,” Arthur replied.
“Good. The girls should be back soon. They’ll have some more of that delicious fruit. I’ve never tasted anything like it in my life!” She clapped her hands together, threw her head back and burst into a fit of giggles.
Arthur’s eyes immediately fell to her bouncing chest. Her breasts threatened to pop right out of her tattered bra. His eyes widened at the sight and it was all he could do to tear his gaze away before she looked at him again.