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MILF Stories

Mrs. Sampson's Hungry Friend

by Kurt Veenk

Daniel's education continues when Sheila's friend Janice pays her a surprise visit.
The two women soon realize that only experience will turn Daniel into the man they both know he can be.

Chapter One

Daniel woke to a feeling unlike any other he’d ever known. Something hot and wet and tight was clamped down on his morning wood. Memories of the day before came flooding back.
Sheila Sampson, their former next door neighbour turned sexual instructress to Daniel the twenty-two year old virgin. His cock hardened at the thought.
He raised the sheets from his chest and looked down his body.
Sheila lay between his legs. Her lips were sealed firmly around his cock. She was smiling with her eyes.
Oh yeah. I forgot my life turned into a porno, Danny thought.
He gazed wide-eyed as Sheila slowly removed his member from her mouth. She sucked the whole way to the tip. When the tip popped out she kissed the underside. “Good morning sleepy head,” she whispered.
Daniel swallowed back the tension that had gripped his throat. “Good morning Mrs…er, Sheila,” he replied, nearly forgetting she had asked him to call her by her first name, now that they were adults.
“Ready for your morning milking?” she asked, giggling.
A smile curled on Dan’s mouth. “Uh, I guess,” he said.
“Good,” she whispered back, then took him into her mouth again.
His body tensed at the hot pleasure that racked up his spine. He pressed his head back against the pillow and groaned as her tongue started lashing at the underside of his cock. “Oh my god that feels amazing,” he groaned. His balls tightened between his legs.
She popped off him again and licked the side of his member. “Remember I want you to take your time okay?”
He looked down at her again and nodded. “Okay. I will,” he said, not having the slightest idea of how he was going to keep that promise.
She dragged her tongue up and down the sides of his cock. Her mouth dipped between his legs. Dan jumped as she slurped one of his nuts into her mouth, her hand stroking his cock. His mouth fell open and he stared at her peering out from behind his rigid muscle.
She caressed the testicle, swirling her tongue around it before letting it fall gently out of her mouth and licking a line up his cock again. Dan, who just the day before had been a shy and embarrassed young man, felt a boldness come over him. Partly at the memory of the dirty lessons he’d been taught the previous day. Partly at the need that swelled within him from her touch. He hoisted himself up onto his elbows and stared into her eyes. “I want to be inside you,” he muttered. Sheila burst into giggles. She pressed his cock against her cheek and rubbed it. “Not terribly romantic, Daniel,” she said. “We’ll have to work on that.”
“Oh. Sorry,” he said, breathless. “But seriously can I? That would be a good lesson too, wouldn’t it?” He was stunned at making the lewd request. But the hunger he felt for the curvy forty-something blonde filled him with courage. Sheila got up onto her hands and knees and crawled up his body. Her oversized breasts hanging low beneath her chest, swaying and slapping against each other as she moved. She came to a stop with the nipples just inches from his mouth.
Excitement flooded through him. Was this really going to happen? Was he really going to lose his virginity to this beautiful milf? His hips bucked up, cock grazing her thighs then pressing higher until he felt the damp folds of her moistened sex against the head.
She giggled and swayed her hips side to side. “Dan,” she whispered. Her smile waned causing his heart to sink a little in his chest. “I don’t think it’s such a good idea,” she said.
He felt his stomach clench with disappointment. “Why not?” he croaked.
She drew in a breath, then sighed. “I haven’t been on birth control since my divorce. I’m old but not so old that it wouldn’t be risky,” she said.
“I could pull out,” he offered, gazing into her beautiful eyes.
Her smile returned and she chuckled. “Daniel you could barely stand me touching you yesterday in the kitchen before you blew a load all over my tits. Remember?”
“Yeah, I remember,” he replied.
“You really think you could last inside my pussy?” He let out a breath, eyes moving to her chest. “I could try?” He lifted his hips again and glanced against her soaked sex.
Sheila gasped and bit her lip. “Daniel stop.”
“Come on,” he said, trying not to whine. “Don’t you want to?”
Her eyes darted side to side. “It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just…dangerous.”
Which didn’t exactly discourage him from trying. In fact, the opposite happened. Thinking of breeding Sheila Sampson’s sexy pussy had his cock throbbing and twitching between her legs. He jabbed it up toward her again, the hid splitting her seam and almost penetrating into her entrance. She drew in a breath and arched her back.
“Just the tip?” Dan whispered.
She looked suddenly worried. She chewed the inside of her cheek, eyes wandering around the bed.
His shoulders slumped as she shook her head.
“We really shouldn’t,” she said. “But you want to know what it feels like? Is that it?”
Dan nodded in reply.
“Okay. I guess that’s as important a part of your education as anything. Sit up, okay?” She reached behind him and rested a pillow against the headboard.
Dan sat up. Sheila shuffled forward.
He stared down at his aching organ. His eyes bugged as she reached down between her legs, split her hairy pussy lips apart and wrapped them around it. It made him shudder.
“Do you like that?”
He looked up into her eyes. “I love it.”