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Scarlet Learns to Swing
A Hotwife Fantasy

by Jason Lenov

Steven overhears a conversation intended for "Girl's Night Only." A lewd admission by his wife. She wants to know what it's like with another man.
He finds the morsel strangely thrilling.
It haunts him though. Follows him to work. Infects their intimate moments.
Soon it's all he can think about.
Funny thing is, Scarlet's appetite for intimacy has been on the rise as well.
Will Steven confess his growing kink? And what will Scarlet say?

Chapter One

Steven stood in front of the door of the apartment, key in the deadbolt ready to be twisted.
Just knock and go in. Like an adult.
But the uneasy sensation that had formed somewhere between the bottom of his lungs and the top of his stomach would not go away. That feeling, inspired by the raucous laughter he’d heard coming from inside the apartment just a moment ago, was blooming inside him like a poisonous flower.
He wasn’t a snoop. Didn’t like to pry into people’s affairs. Never tried to steal a glance at Scarlet’s phone or her browsing history or ask about what her and the friends had gossiped about on their monthly girl’s nights.
But he was a man. And hearing a gaggle of women laughing so uproariously about something in their apartment caused a question to form in his mind. A question that, quite possibly, had formed in the minds of men all the way back to the dawn of civilization.
Are they laughing at me?
It was silly. It was childish. Immature and unreasonable. And stealing into the apartment without knocking to listen in on their conversation to make sure would be downright rude. He wasn’t insecure. He was confident that their young marriage was built on a solid foundation of love and trust and mutual respect. But somewhere in the reptilian part of his brain, that primordial stem purportedly suppressed and civilized by millennia of evolution, a hope and a fear sprang all at once.
What if they’re in their underwear having a pillow fight?
That, of course was a preposterous proposition. The first question, however, would not abate.
What if they’re laughing at me?
So, against his better judgment, he ignored the guilt that urged him to resist the impulse, twisted the key in the lock and slipped into the front hall. He eased the door shut and pressed his back against the wall.
“Alright Shantae go already!” That was Kim. Bubbly, brown-haired Kim with the button nose and the chipmunk cheeks who looked like she belonged in a women’s soap commercial but had a wicked streak buried under all that cuteness.
“Alright, girl, alright!” he heard Shantae say. “Y’all are drunk!”
The ripple of laughter that followed sent a shiver down his back.
Shantae the ebony goddess with the oversized personality, bolted on breasts and legs for miles. Scarlet’s bestie from college. Her confidant and concocter of wicked ideas.
This is wrong. Get out. Or at least tell them you’re here.
Maybe just a little longer. Just until he heard what Shantae had to say.
“All this sharing making me thirsty,” she said. A bottle of wine scraped against the glass coffee table in the living room. Then the familiar glug-glug-glug of a glass being poured. Shantae taking a swig then setting down her glass. She smacked her lips. “Okay. Alright. I’m a do this but Scarlet you gotta’ promise you won’t scratch my eyes out.”
He heard in Scarlet’s groan that followed the way she was rolling her eyes. “I’m not making any promises,” he heard her say.
“Hey!” Shantae snapped. “We all made a promise. No hurt feelings. Remember? Before the game started?” A few of the girls laughed.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Scarlet replied. She was smiling again. He could hear it.
“I’m gonna’ go ahead and say I wouldn’t mind taking a stab at your oh-so-cute and oh-so-dorky gamer husband.”
Jaws dropped.
“Shantae!” Kim cried.
A chorus of hoots and clapping followed.
Steven’s insides wrenched. Had she just said… “Looks like she doesn’t mind too much.” Jess this time. Grinning her fox-like smile, eyes probably narrowed and staring at Scarlet accusingly.
Was this for real? Was Shantae talking about him? That she wouldn’t mind taking a…stab at him?
“Or, I guess I should say, I wouldn’t mind him taking a stab at me.”
All four of them erupted into hooting.
Steven’s eyes bugged.
Holy shit.
She was talking about him. And her. Doing the nasty? Then he heard Scarlet chuckling. Chuckling? At her friend suggesting a dalliance with her husband? What the fuck was going here, exactly?!? “Whatever,” came Scarlet’s sweet voice, warm and slurring a little.
He could almost see her shrugging.
“Whatever?” Kim said.
“He is cute,” Scarlet said softly.
His heart melted a little.
“Oh my god look at her going red,” Jess said. “How long have you guys been married? Three years? And you’re still like this? That’s adorable.”
“Whatever,” Scarlet said again. “I love him.”
“Love him enough to share?” Shantae asked.
Steven’s mind started reeling. This was…impossible. This was more sordid than he could have ever imagined a girls night to be. This was inconceivable. Was this the way these evenings always went?
Scarlet smirked. “I like playing with my own toys, thanks.”
And while this, too, was sweet, it was a little deflating. Put the wind back into his lungs but borrowed against the bulge that had begun to form between his legs.
“Suit yourself,” Shantae replied. “Just sayin’ I’ve always liked the look of that boy. Those thick black-rimmed glasses and that pretty smile. And he’s got a nice dick, doesn’t he?”
“Shantae!” Kim snapped.
“What? I saw it once. You remember that day we all went to the beach?”
“You saw Steven’s…thing?” Scarlet sounding a little more skeptical. Maybe a little unsettled? “Just the outline. But girl from what I saw you done alright. Mmhmm.”
Another wave of laughter.
This one threaded a thin strand of embarrassment through the pride that was welling through him at Shantae’s lurid compliment. Not unpleasant but unexpected. And the way the two twisted together was strangely…thrilling.
“I can’t complain,” Scarlet said.
“Ha!” Shantae burst out, smacking her hands together. “Well if you ever get bored of your toy you give me a call. I’d show him all kinds of new ways to play. Black love the best love, baby!” This was unfathomable. Beyond the wildest boundaries of what his imagination might have conjured about these evenings. And Shantae? Shantae. He loved Scarlet with all his heart and soul but…shit. He’d always had a little itch about Shantae.
“Alright this time we not spinning,” Shantae said. “What? Why not?” Scarlet asked.
Spin the bottle? They were playing spin the bottle?
“Cause we all already went twice and you sittin’ there with your mouth shut cause it never points your way! It’s your turn.”
“I second that,” Jess said.
“Motion carried,” Kim added.
Scarlet groaned.
Steven balled his hands into fists. This was wrong. He knew he shouldn’t be standing there listening. But his feet felt like they were riveted to the damn tile. He glanced at the door making a quick calculation about the quietest way to open the deadbolt and slip out. Then Scarlet sighed and he knew he wasn’t going anywhere. “I don’t know. I don’t really have a lot of secret desires, you know? I’m pretty straight up.” “Bitch I bet if I looked in your closet I’d find a chest of whips and chains in there. You walk around so straight-laced I am positive you got kink after kink after kink twisted all up inside you. Now spit it out.”
A silence settled in the room.
Steven could hear his heart pounding in his ears. Was Shantae right? Was Scarlet kinky?
He nearly laughed at the thought. Sweet, blonde Scarlet with her smile as bright as the noonday sun on a summer’s day? Scarlet who giggled and caressed and kissed softly while they were making love? He’d never heard a single word from her that she wanted anything but the intimate, loving sex-life they shared.
A tremor rippled through him. Something dark and a tiny bit dangerous.
Do I really want to hear this?