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Nell Gets Naughty
A Hotwife Fantasy

by Jason Lenov

Nell gets fascinated by an intriguing couple who move in next door.
Teddy doesn't pay much attention. Not until Nell, after a dinner, divulges a very dark fantasy. Then he can't stop thinking about them.
Lucky for him Cyril and Evie are just as taken with Nell as she is with them. As Nell reveals a dirtier side, Teddy starts to wonder what it would be like if her fantasy came to life.

Chapter One

“God she’s beautiful don’t you think?” Nell whispered in her Irish lilt, peering through the curtains.
“You’re, uh, being a bit of a creeper there Nell,” I said, glancing at her over the top of my magazine.
“Look at her skin. It’s perfect.”
That made me smile because Nell’s skin was perfect and yet she was always commenting on how everyone else’s was better. “Why don’t you come and have a beer with me, baby?”
“Oh Teddy!” Nell squeaked, covering her mouth as soon as the words were out. “I think that’s him. I think that might be the mister…”
I let out a sigh. She’d been spying on our new neighbors moving in for almost forty-five minutes. It didn’t seem like there was anything I could do to tear her away from that window. And I don’t like a lot of conflict. So, as the saying goes, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. I set the magazine down and walked over to the bay window to stand behind Nell.
It was a glorious day outside. Just that last bit of chill in the air. But the sun was blazing. There were buds on the trees and it seemed like the whole world was getting ready to burst into spring.
There was a big moving van parked outside the house next door to ours. Three guys had been hustling since they pulled up, running boxes and couches and appliances in. Our new neighbor, Nell had told me, had been standing and calling out where things went as they came out. It was true, she was a lovely specimen. Not that I’d say as much to Nell. She could be weirdly jealous if you said the right thing the wrong way. So no matter how many god she’s beautiful‘s she threw at me, I wasn’t biting. I peeked out through the crack in the blinds to see what Nell was seeing. The car that had pulled into the driveway next door was a white Audi SUV. I furrowed my brow when I saw it. It looked out of place in our little middle class neighborhood. Most people drove something more sensible. There was a whole line of Corolla’s across the street. We had a Mazda that we shared. Seeing an Audi parked next door was like…wow. Wow! An Audi! Did the mister drive an Audi? What was he doing moving in next door? The door to the car opened. A brown leather shoe popped out followed by a beige pant leg. That was weird, too. People in our neighborhood did not wear beige suits and brown leather shoes. Navy blue pants. Black shoes. Except for me. Because I work from home.
Web developer.
“Brown leather shoes?” I whispered. They were nice, too.
The door swung open wider and the figure stepped out into the sunlight. About six foot five. Black sunglasses. Sleek-looking, too. Crisply pressed white shirt beneath his beige suit jacket. Bluetooth in his ear and a brown leather belt that matched his shoes.
“He’s black,” Nell whispered, sounding incredulous.
“Shush!” I said, even though I’d had more or less the same reaction. Just hadn’t said it out loud. You don’t say those things out loud.
“What shush?” Nell asked, turning to look over her shoulder at me.
“You’re not supposed to…you know. You’re not supposed to notice those things,” I replied waving a finger out the window.
She gave me a funny look and turned back to look at the mister again.
Just as she did he pressed a finger against the bluetooth in his ear. Pulled it out, looked both ways, then crossed the street to where the woman had apparently told the movers to take a break. She walked down the driveway towards Mr. Fancyman. Nell and I both leaned in toward the window. Fancyman swooped in like some kind of movie actor. Hand around his ladies back, bent over and leaned in, his head tilted and gave her a movie-style kiss, too. A kind of new lovers sort of kiss. Made me feel a little bad that we were creeping.
“He’s…very passionate,” Nell said. Which was just like her. She wasn’t the best with words. She was looking at them like she was watching a movie. Fancyman pulled away from what was obviously his wife or girlfriend or whoever. He flashed a smile and they started talking. Walked back up the driveway and into the house.
We watched them until they disappeared from view. “Now do you want a beer?” I asked Nell. I glanced at her.
Her gaze was still lingering on the door to the neighbors house. Like she’d seen something spectacular and couldn’t tear her eyes away hoping it would appear again. She was wierd. “Huh?” she muttered after a few more moments.
“Come on, Nell. Have a beer. Let’s enjoy our weekend!”
She turned and looked at me like I’d asked if she’d like her hand cut off. “Teddy I can’t have a beer. It’s Saturday. I’ve got a concert.”
My shoulders slumped. “That’s today?” I groaned. “Teddy. I’ve got a concert the first Saturday of every month. It’s the first Saturday of the month. Yes. I’ve got a concert.” She huffed and shook her head and walked off into the kitchen.
I followed her. I’d read most of my magazine and didn’t really feel like drinking by myself.
Nell had sat down at the table and was fiddling with the caliper on her reed making machine. I picked up a case from one of the chairs to sit down with her.
Her hand shot out. “No don’t move that!” she said. “I need that there for later. What are you doing anyway?”
I sighed. I wasn’t really sure. We couldn’t use our kitchen table for eating because Nell had installed her reed-making station at one end of it. It had grown like a fungus, knives and blades and little bits of wood, until it had taken over. We ate all our meals at the breakfast counter. Nell was an oboist. “I was just gonna’…I don’t know. Keep you company?”
“I’ve got to make reeds,” Nell said, staring down at the table.
I took a breath and wondered if it was worth trying to talk her into doing something a little more fun. I glanced at the table and her startled expression and decided against it. “Yeah,” I said, sighing. “You do.”
Nell narrowed her eyes and focused on the caliper again.
I poked through the fridge looking for something to eat. Didn’t find anything appealing. Thought of going upstairs to try and have a nap. That would just make me groggy and grumpy in the afternoon. I looked at the two six-packs I’d put in the fridge the night before and got a strange idea that kind of tickled me. I grabbed three beers, stuffed two in my pocket and closed the fridge door.
Nell looked up as I passed the table. She saw the cans of beer bulging out of my pocket and the one in my hand and gave me another funny look. “What are you doing?” she asked.
“I’m gonna’ go say hi to our new neighbors,” I replied.
Nell shot up from her seat. “What?!?”