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Nell Gets Nasty
A Hotwife Fantasy

by Jason Lenov

After their first adventure with the formidable Cyril, Teddy and Nell delve deeper into their shared fantasy. Cyril and Evie are more than happy to oblige. Yet as they chase their shared arousal down the rabbit hole Teddy starts to wonder if they can ever find their way out?

This book is a sequel to Nell Gets Naughty. It can be read as a standalone but might bring greater satisfaction if read in sequence.

Chapter One

I woke up to the not totally uncomfortable feeling of someone’s fingers fiddling between my legs. They were Nell’s. She was fidgeting with my floppy cock. I opened my eyes to find her staring at me. “Nell,” I groaned, my voice hoarse from sleep. “Do you want to fuck, Teddy?”
My eyes popped wide open at the question. I looked over at the clock on the bedside table. It was five-thirty. Still dark outside. We had literally just done it, twice five hours earlier. But these days Nell was always hungry for it. “Let me go brush my teeth at least?” I said.
She grabbed at my boxers as I got up off the bed. I looked over my shoulder to see her staring at me with a look like she needed an exorcist or something. Fuck, maybe she did? Ever since the night with Cyril she’d been a demon. An actual succubus that I sometimes worried was trying to suck me into the bowels of hell with her nasty, porny sexy times.
She hadn’t always been like that. Pretty much the opposite, actually. Something about fucking Cyril had unleashed a beast inside her. A horny, hungry sex-addicted monster.
I’d pretty much turned into her dildo. But hey, I didn’t mind. Better than the alternative. But sometimes my dick did get a little raw. I pissed, ran the toothbrush in some lazy circles in my mouth and spat. Walked back into the bedroom, stripped my boxers and jumped under the covers. “So what do you want to…” The end of my sentence was muffled by Nell muzzling me with her muff.
“You don’t mind, do you?” she whispered, running her fingers through my hair and staring down into my eyes.
I shook my head, stubble brushing against her thighs. I opened my mouth and started lapping at the moistening cleft of her sex.
Nell settled her weight onto my face and started swaying her hips back and forth, grinding the swollen bud of her clit against my tongue. It didn’t take a minute for her mouth to fall open and for her to start panting.
This was another feature of the “new” Nell. In what I’d started calling the Before Cyril and Evie times she had to use a heavy duty industrial vibrator while I smashed her to try to even get close to getting off. Now? Now she’d throw a leg over my face or lap, rub herself a couple of minutes with her eyes shut and be riding the waterworks to O-town in no time flat.
Which was what was happening. Hands in my hair like she was hanging onto a horse’s reins, moving my mouth where she needed it and gasping as my tongue hit the right spots.
I felt my mouth start to fill with her fluid and, having gone through his before, took a deep breath to make sure I had enough air to ride her through the wave.
“Ooh, ah, ah, ah,” she said breathing in and out. As usual her eyes were shut tight. But it was no mystery what was going on in her mind. She was imagining Cyril’s big, black cock buried inside her.
And that got my not quite as large (still larger than average) penis hardening, too. Because when Nell went to her happy place I went to mine. Imagining Cyril’s big, black cock buried inside her.
They were kind of the same place just in each of our own minds.
I felt Nell’s vaginal lips tighten over my lips. She gripped my hair a little harder and stopped moving so much.
My cock was at half-mast even though my hands were nowhere near it. Nell had turned into such a dirty little slut that I could get hard just thinking about some of the things we’d done. It was amazing.
“Whoow,” she huffed. The floodgates opened. A torrent of her lubricant shot onto my chin as I battled the soreness in my jaw to keep my tongue working on her bud. She squealed and her body tensed, then shook as another, obviously enormous, climax worked it’s way through her. She started swaying over top of me again, trying to work out the last few wiggles of her orgasm.
I tapped her on the thigh. Tapping out was new, too. Sometimes Nell would get so immersed in her world she’d forget there was a person under her trying to breathe.
Her eyes shot open. She gasped, let go of my hair and ran her fingers along my wet cheeks as she scooted off my mouth and onto my chest. She leaned over me and gave me a deep and nasty kiss with lots of tongue. “Thanks, Teddy,” she whispered after she’d pulled away.
“Any time baby,” I replied. And I meant it. It was like I’d stepped into a fantasy I’d dreamed up. Living with someone hornier than you are is hard work. And I work from home so there was never really a way to…repeal Nell’s advances. I mean I guess I could have used the old “I have a headache” line or something. But are you kidding me? But seriously, even if it was hard on the old knob from time to time, sex twice a day was awesome.
I reached up and squeezed Nell’s tits then leaned in to suckle one.
“Oh don’t do that,” she said, her voice soft and breathy. “They’re too sensitive for that right now. Besides I have to get going. They moved rehearsal an hour earlier today.”