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The Craving
A Hotwife Fantasy

by Jason Lenov

After realizing she has an unexpected house guest, Amanda succumbs to her nosy streak and listens in on Hunter's phone conversation. She's shocked by what she hears. Doubly so when she accidentally walks in on Hunter.
What Hunter proposes next is scandalous. How could she? She's happily married, after all. But his endowment proves irresistible and Amanda gives in to her craving.
Perry finally feels like he's turned a corner. He's ready to give Amanda, and their marriage, the time they need and deserve. He's floored when the unthinkable happens and he comes home to find his wife in bed with another man.
Curiously, despite his trauma, he finds a door opening to a world within himself he never knew existed. Starts seeing his wife in a whole new light, too.
Amanda has her own reasons for indulging Perry in his fantasy. Nothing wrong with trying something new to spice things up, is there?
Together, they decide to open up their marriage. But will their shared kink bring them closer together? Or will it tear their world apart?

Chapter One

A pang of sadness twisted through her as she scooped sweat pants and towels off the bed and threw them into the hamper. So many years spent chiding the boys to clean their stuff up. Now they were gone again and the house would be tidied and she’d be back to feeling nostalgic about those days. Wishing they were still messing everything up and making her laugh and not far away again. She checked the clock. Mathew had left for an early flight and Thomas had gotten into his car an hour or so later. Now it was barely noon, probably another six hours before Perry got home. Five hours before it made sense to start dinner. Five hours to wallow in her sadness that their visit was over.
She walked the hamper to the basement stairs and set it next to the door. Walked to the kitchen and poured a glass of cold water and slammed it. She’d had too much wine last night. But it was the last evening they were going to spend together for who knew how long? She let herself get lost in her memories again.
She hadn’t even minded they’d invited their friends over. All of them so grown up and handsome now. Their booming laughter echoing through the house, warming it up just like when they’d all been young. Tom and Mat and Jake and Hunter, the fabulous four together again. Except this time sitting around a table with beers and not milk and peanut butter sandwiches.
She felt her throat tighten and decided to busy herself again. The sheets needed changing in all the beds upstairs. That would distract her for a good hour, at least. She traipsed up the stairs, catching a glimpse of herself in the hallway mirror as she passed it. Looking a little frumpy in her baggy grey sweatpants. But her ass looked nice. She cupped her bra-less tits through her stained white t-shirt and pushed them up a little higher.
Not bad for forty-five.
Too bad Perry didn’t seem to care. She felt herself slipping into a familiar slurry of resentment toward him at the thought. At his schedule, his silence, his waning attention to their marriage. These last few days with the boys home had brought a pleasant respite from all that. And now it was back to business as usual. Cleaning the house while her husband slaved away in his cubicle and ruminating on whether this was the life she’d signed up for.
A sound coming from one of the guest bedrooms startled her as she climbed the stairs. She stopped half-way up and held her breath. A voice. A low, male voice muffled by the closed door to the bedroom. She tilted her head to one side and quickly breathed a sigh of relief.
It was Hunter.
He must have had too much last night to be able to drive. Boys probably set him up in the bedroom and forgot to tell her on their way out. Just like old times. Everyone crashing at everyone else’s place that the parents barely knew where they were sleeping half the time.
She figured she’d give him some privacy. He was obviously on the phone. A funny impulse gripped her.
Hunter had grown into quite the man. Big guy with broad shoulders and cannon sized arms. Always talking about his lifting routine while the other guys rolled their eyes. Always wearing a smile and tossing compliments around. She’d always wondered whether he was a sycophant or being sincere. Maybe this was a chance to find out?
She chided herself for even contemplating the idea. What a rude thing to do, listen in on someone else’s conversation. It was probably a business call. Or a call to his girlfriend that he’d want to keep private. She’d just go down and put the laundry in while he finished up and then she’d…
“…always been into her.”
The four words stopped her in her tracks and made her eyes bulge. Her mind immediately jumped to a surprising and dirty place. It shocked her and she brushed the thought away immediately.