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An Interracial Hotwife Fantasy

by Jason Lenov

Ryan's been asking Aaron and Paige to join him on his charter-boat vacation for years. They're finally on the boat, having a great time when they hit a snag: engine trouble.

The ship's captain, Maceo, seems competent but can't fix the problem. The radio's working but no one's calling back.

Paige spots an island. Funny it's not on any of the charts. Only thing to do is sit it out and wait for help to arrive. No problem. They were here to party anyways. Plenty of booze left. Fish to eat and a gorgeous, desolate beach with a gentle surf.

But with nothing to do Aaron's imagination starts to run a little wild. Is he imagining it or is Paige strutting her stuff more than she normally does? Parading around in a skimpy bikini daring the other guys to stare at her? Why would she do that? She's married to him, after all.

When Maceo drops an unexpected line about his girl back home Aaron's curiosity is ignited. What would it be like to watch his wife with another man?

Chapter One

“You gotta’ be kidding me.”
Paige and I both leaned forward and peered into the cabin, trying to see what Ryan was looking at below deck.
Something clunked under there and a second later we heard Maceo mutter “fuck.” He popped up rubbing the back of his head. “Sorry boss,” he said, glancing at Ryan.
“You okay?” Ryan asked.
“Yeah, sure. Fine,” Maceo replied. Planting both hands on the deck he hoisted himself up. His dark hands were covered in grease.
“So, like, what’s going on?” Paige asked.
I put a hand on her back and gave it a rub through the thin cotton shirt she was wearing over her bikini.
“Engine problems,” Maceo said, wiping his hands with a dirty old rag.
Paige furrowed her brow. Her already impossibly plump lips puckered into a pout, making her look a little like a distraught toddler. “What kind of engine problems?”
Ryan and I exchanged worried glances.
Maceo took a deep breath, then smiled widely at the three of us. “I’m sorry. I don’t know. Nothing I’ve seen before. I don’t know how to fix it. I’ll have to radio in.”
Paige looked at me with an expression that said should we be worried?
I sighed. Somehow it always fell to me to ask the questions. I guess it’s because I’m a guy. Paige, despite being only twenty-five, was pretty conservative when it came to gender roles. Or maybe she was lazy. Or both. Didn’t really matter to me. She had a kickin’ bod and that’s all I really cared about. “How long’s that going to take, you think?” I asked Maceo.
He walked up the five-step ladder, then turned and hopped up into the cockpit. “We’ll know soon enough,” he said.
Ryan looked up at me and shook his head. He trudged up the ladder, put his hands on his hips and pulled his elbows back to stretch his shoulders. His Hawaiian shirt fluttered open in the breeze revealing a surprisingly cut chest and abdomen. Not bad for a fifty-something dude who drank too much. “Shit I’m sorry about this guys. Maceo’s the best, though. He’ll take care of it. Ten years of coming down here and nothing like this has ever happened.”
Paige picked up her drink, wrapped her lips around the straw and gave it a suck, then swung up onto the side deck and walked up to the bow. She folded down into a cross-legged squat before stretching out and leaning against the outside of the cockpit and staring out over the sea.
“Hey absolutely no worries, Ryan,” I said, giving him a pat on the back. He looked stressed and that was unusual for Ryan. He was usually the calm guy telling everyone else to chill out. “I’m sure it’ll just be a couple of hours and we’ll be back at the hotel. Maceo seems like a really nice guy.” “He is,” Ryan said. “Never had a problem before. His boats are usually in ship-shape. Heh.” Maceo leaned out of the cockpit above us.
“Any luck?” Ryan asked.
Maceo shrugged and put his hands out, palms up. “No one is calling back. Maybe Anton is away from the radio.”
Ryan sighed.
“I’m sorry, boss,” Maceo said.
“Well what do you think?” Ryan asked. “How long do you think we’re going to be out here?”
“Shouldn’t be long, boss.”
“We sailed two hours to get here. Can they get another boat out before sundown?”
Maceo paused, then shrugged.
“Oh come on, Maceo!” Ryan said, his voice rising. Maceo looked a little ashamed.
“Okay now hang on a second,” I said, trying to soothe Ryan. “We were supposed to be out for three days, right? So we’ve had a little glitch. It’s no big deal. We spend the night on the boat. Have a little party if we have to. Get picked up in the morning, worst case scenario, right?”
“I don’t think so, boss,” Maceo said almost immediately after I’d finished. “I don’t have enough chain to anchor us here. No anchor means we’re drifting. We go where the ocean takes us. Not safe. Not at all.”
“Okay. Well what do you think we should do, Maceo?” I asked. He may have been a nice guy like Ryan had said, but he wasn’t exactly a troubleshooter.
“Uh, guys?” Paige’s delicate voice drifted toward us from around the cockpit. I leaned over the side deck to see that she’d stood up. She had her hand under the wide brim of her sunhat and had taken off her sunglasses.
“What’s up sweetheart?” I asked, sounding a little more impatient than I’d intended. Sometimes Paige didn’t really clue into the seriousness of a situation. Left it up to the men to deal with. You know, girl stuff.
“I think you should look at this,” she said. I looked over at Ryan just in time to see the end of his eye roll. He noticed and flashed an apologetic smile. “Come on. Let’s go see what your sweet little wife is talking about,” he said, clapping me on the shoulder as he squeezed past. You might think I’d take offence to hearing him talk that way about my wife. But Ryan and I go way back. He’s old enough to be my dad but because I didn’t have one spent a lot of time hanging out with me when I was younger. Kind of an unofficial “Big Brother” arrangement. He was just a really decent guy.
When he launched his content creation company I was the first person he called with a job offer. I laughed at him for trying to get me to leave a very lucrative, very stable digital marketing gig until he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. We’d made a lot of money together the last few years. Yeah technically I still worked for him but really it felt more like we were partners. And yeah, Ryan had had a little crush on Paige since he’d met her. Didn’t make a big deal about it and Paige didn’t have a clue so whatever.
I followed him along the side of the boat until we came to stand on either side of Paige, peering out over the gentle azure waves. “What is it baby?” I asked, putting a hand on the small of her back. She pointed out over the bow of the boat. “Is that an island? I think that’s an island.”