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Another Word for Rooster
A Hotwife Fantasy

by Jason Lenov

Mary and Joe decide to spend some time at the farm. Everything's going swell until Joe learns that his wife has a naughty secret lurking in her past. It does things to him. Funny things. Gives him feelings he's never had before about Mary. Mary's been faithful since the day they were married. She's got a hunger Joe can barely satisfy but she's stayed true. When she learns about his kinky fantasy she decides to take matters into her own hands. Will Joe be able to stand watching his lurid dreams played out in real life?

Chapter One

Abe wiped his brow with a kerchief as we stepped out of the church. It was hard to tell what was worse, the suffocating stale air we’d left behind or the blistering sun outside. “Hotter than sin out here isn’t it?” Abe said.
“Abraham!” Ruth snapped, shooting him a fearsome scowl.
“Forgive me,” Abe said with a chuckle, stealing a glance at the minister, Jacob, on the steps.
Jacob wagged a finger at him in mock chastisement. Mary swung her shoulders side to side next to me, her long sundress sashaying around her legs.
I couldn’t resist a glance down at her feet. Pretty little things wrapped in leather-strapped sandals. I’d been more than a little surprised that her attire hadn’t caused more of a scandal. Ruth had given a disapproving scowl at the footwear but Ruth handed out disapproving scowls like a clown giving out balloons at a birthday party.
Reverend Jacob, I’d noticed, had a hard time with his sermon, his eyes darting down to Mary’s pointed toes every thirty seconds or so. Even now, standing over us on the steps, he was having a hard time not staring.
Mary tugged at my sleeve. “Take me for ice cream?” she said.
I smiled at her. She was the picture of innocence. And now that the kids had been away at bible camp for a week, she looked as fresh as the day we’d met. Her chipmunk cheeks rosy from the heat, blonde hair bobbing along her shoulders as she swayed in the sunshine.
“You’ll only ruin your appetite with ice cream. All that sugar. It’s not good for you,” Ruth said. Mary rolled her eyes. She sauntered over to where Abe was standing and put an arm around his neck. “You don’t mind if we go for ice cream, do you, papa?” she said in her sing-song drawl. She glanced at Ruth with a sly grin.
Ruth’s lips went tight.
“Your mother’s right,” Abe said with a playful put-on paternal authority. “You’ll likely spoil your supper if you have ice cream. But you’re a grown woman now and not to mention a wife. You best look to your husband for permission about these things.” Abe gave me a respectful nod. As usual there was a twinkle in his eye.
Mary looked over at me with a lazy, slightly mischievous smile. Her eyes were twinkling, too, and not just from playing her parents against each other, a long standing hobby of hers.
I started itching but not from the heat.
Because my sweet Mary, apple of her father’s eye who dutifully attended church each and every Sunday, knelt to pray before bed each night and then again in the morning before she started her day. Mary who’d carried four of my offspring and been the perfect mother despite her tender age, was a far different person than the woman who she was pretending to be in front of the chapel right then.
“I’ll take you for ice cream, sure,” I said, walking over and taking her hand. “Beautiful day like this is meant to be enjoyed isn’t it?” Mary let herself be led away from her father and toward the car parked on the dusty lot next to the church.
“Five o’clock!” Ruth called out behind us. “Don’t be late! And don’t bring pie. I’m making rhubarb crumble.”
I turned and smiled and waved at Abe and Ruth who were standing next to each other watching us leave. Jacob was still on the top step staring at us, too. Or, staring at Mary, rather. The way his eyes darted off to the side when I turned made me sure of that.
It was funny. I sort of liked it. Man of god who just couldn’t keep himself from leering at another man’s wife. There was something dirty about it. Our minister the miscreant. Got me chuckling. “What’s so funny?” Mary asked, staring up at me with doe eyes.
I shook my head. “Oh just…man things,” I replied. Her eyes narrowed. “Dirty things?” she whispered. Which caused my cock to flex. “I suppose,” I muttered. I opened the door for Mary and she sat down in the car, swinging her legs in last and making sure to raise her dress so I caught a glimpse of her alabaster calves. The look she flashed me made a tightness form between my legs. Little demon. My darling little devil. If her parents only knew what sort of wife she really was. The urges that churned inside her. Deviant, they’d say.
The car started after a few coughing chugs, a blast of hot summer air coming from the vents. We rolled down the windows.
Mary leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes, twirling a lock of hair with two fingers. As I put the car in drive I stole another glance at her legs.
She’d hiked the dress up past her knees. Far enough that I could just make out the beginning of her slightly plump and welcoming thighs.
It made me smile. I pulled the car out onto the old dirt road that led to town and Main street where Tom had surely parked his ice cream truck by now. “What flavor are you going to have?” I asked Mary, staring out her window over the golden fields of wheat, occasionally glancing at her feet.
She wiggled her toes. A sure sign that she’d noticed my attention. “Oh I don’t know,” she sighed. “Vanilla maybe?” She shot me a look out of the corner of her eye. A look I knew very well and loved. A look that made me ache for her.
“You little vixen,” I growled.
Mary put a hand to her chest in mock horror at the insult. “Joseph Banes how dare you!” she said, then let her legs fall apart slightly.
My smile widened into a grin. This was the real Mary. The Mary I and only I knew. The Mary that had me wrapped around her little finger. “I’m only calling it what it is,” I said, playing along. “Sitting there like a little hussy with your legs bared. What would your mama say? And straight after church on a Sunday!”
Curling her fingers around the fabric of her dress, she scrunched it up into her lap until I could make out most of her thigh. “It’s hot,” she said. “I have to cool off. If that means showing a little leg so be it. You are my husband, after all.” Her eyes darted to the bulge in my lap. “You don’t seem to mind anyways.” She let her head fall back, exposing the soft flesh of her neck.
Mary the tease. Mary the siren. Singing her sweet song and calling me to her. I’d jump overboard and swim to any depth for that sweet thing and she knew it. Had me all figured out.
I was powerless to resist her little game. Taking a hand off the steering wheel I reached out and palmed the inside of her leg. It was hot and damp with sweat.
Mary bit her lip and sighed. She turned her head and locked me in a sultry stare. “Joe,” she whispered.
“What, love?”
“I think…I think it’s this heat.”
“Got you all bothered does it?” I asked.
She nodded and gnawed on her lip some more. “It’s got me all bothered, Joe.”