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The Housemaid 2
Part Two

by Jason Lenov

Mr. Dixon's getting awfully used to having Callie for a toy. But when he makes her an offer she has to refuse the chemistry between them fizzles. Callie worries the money might dry up and wonders if she shouldn't broaden her horizons. Diversify, in a word.

Ken sees that Callie gets stressed out when Dixon doesn't call for a while. In a way he's relieved. Things were getting intense. But the money was nice. He gets used to having Callie to himself. Feels a little when Dixon orders her to his place again.

Turns out Mr. Dixon has new designs on Callie. A friend in need of a favor. Callie and Ken get sucked into a whirlwind of depravity. Will they make it out the other end?

Chapter One

Ken peered through the bathroom door, watching her as she applied makeup. She looked smoking hot in her red high heels and the red skirt Dixon had bought for her. The tight red tank top she was wearing with it didn’t hurt, either. He reached down and massaged his groin as he stared.
She caught his eye in the reflection in the mirror and furrowed her brow.
It sent a pang of doubt shuddering through him. She’d been looking at him like that a lot lately. And he was pretty sure she hadn’t been smiling as much. But that may have just been his imagination. It was hard to tell.
“What’s up?” she asked. She sounded irritated. He pushed the door, opening it wider and stepping in to lean against the door frame. “You’re just hot is all,” he answered.
She smirked. “Thanks,” she replied.
He got the feelings again. He’d been getting them a lot lately. Didn’t really have a name for them. A weird lust that haunted him any time she was around and most of the time when she wasn’t. Probably didn’t help he had so much time on his hands.
He wanted something from her but he wasn’t sure what. He wanted her body, yeah. But there was something else that he’d never thought about before this whole Dixon business. Something he felt like they’d had before and were now missing. But he didn’t have the words to describe it. And bringing it up felt…not manly, or something.
So, as he usually did when that particular feeling loomed, he channelled it into a need he could understand. “You want to, like, do it before you go?” he asked.
She scowled at him in the mirror. “I’m all dressed,” she said. “I don’t want to get all messed up and have to shower and get ready again.” That stung a little. More than a little. Because the feeling was way easier to ignore when he was between her legs. Or watching TV. Or going down to the corner store to get chips. Which he was doing a lot of these days. And when he asked her to help him deal with it, without actually saying that’s what he wanted, it didn’t feel good when she said no.
He must have let it show on his expression. She sighed and her shoulders sagged as she watched him in the mirror. “Well come in here then,” she said quietly.
His stomach tightened as he shuffled into the bathroom, a slight shame falling over him. His shoulders were hunched and his head was tipped forward. He couldn’t bring himself to look at her for some reason. He was happy she was going to do it for him. But something about it felt kind of…sleazy, or something. It was more than excellent fun when she was into it. Lately she’d seemed like she wasn’t so much. Looked like her mind was far away while he was humping in between her legs. And now he wouldn’t even get the pleasure of doing that. He’d just have to stand there while she jerked him off so he didn’t “mess her up,” as she’d put it. He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. “Can we go into the bedroom?” he asked quietly.
She tsk-ed and gave a slight eye-roll. “I don’t have time for that,” she replied. “Just take it out. I’ll do it here.”
He felt a certain shame at that, too. An embarrassment at needing her so much. Needing parts of her body touching him while he ran away from his feelings. Because jerking off on the couch alone just didn’t feel the same. He reached down, undid his zipper and pulled out his already half-erect cock.
She looked down at it and a smiled, but only with her mouth. Not her eyes. She turned and pressed her breasts against his arm, wrapping her hand around his cock at the same time. It was warm and a little clammy.
A shudder raced up his spine at her touch. He groaned and closed his eyes, head tilting back as she started to stroke him. “Oh god, Cal,” he muttered. “That feels so good.” When he opened his eyes again he saw her reflection in the mirror. She was staring up at him like she was studying his expression. The smile had spread to her eyes now and it warmed him. Maybe there was something about this that she liked. Maybe she got something out of it, too. Maybe he was just imagining all that stuff from earlier. Now, in the heat of the moment, it was easy to dismiss his doubts. Now there was only warmth and a slight dampness on his penis and it filled his mind in a delicious way, pushing all the other bad thoughts out.