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Shy Plays, High Stakes
A Hotwife Novel

by Arnica Butler

Mike has a gorgeous wife who has been slowly, shyly opening up to his hotwife fantasy. She's even been willing to play what they call "the game," flirting with strangers while he watches.

Mikealso has a good buddy, endowed with bad-boy looks, sizeable biceps, and all kinds of know-how and charm. He's also open to just about anything - he's the whole reason the lifestyle is even on Shiloh's radar.

Mike also has a problem. He's thousands of miles away on long-term international business, while his buddy Joey is taking care of "stuff" and keeping an eye on Shiloh.

Sure, Mike is hoping that Shiloh will dip more than her toe in the hotwife lifestyle, but with Joey leading, you don't always know where you'll end up. He could be leading Shiloh toward the fulfillment of Mike's fantasies...

...but you never know.