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An Interracial Hotwife Fantasy

by Jason Lenov

Mike's fantasy is no secret. His wife, Julia, already knows and she loves nothing more than exploring the darkest corners of their kink together, no matter the setting. But a chance encounter with a random stranger makes her hungry in a way Mike's never seen. As she indulges her appetites Mike begins to wonder if she's crossing the line of their greatest taboo? Is Julia playing it up? Or is she actually having feelings for another guy?

Chapter One
Mike sat in the plush armchair in the corner of the room, swirling the whisky in his glass. He watched as Julia adjusted her lingerie in the mirror, then sucked her lips in before puckering them to make sure her lipstick was even. He checked his watch. Eight thirty. Thirty minutes late so far. He wondered if the posh hotel had given the guy cold feet? “Where’d you say you found this guy?” he asked.
She turned her head to look at him. “The usual. One of the apps. I forget which.”
“How old did you say he was?” Mike asked.
“He said twenty-five,” she replied. “But he looked a little younger than that. I’d say closer to twenty. Why?”
She looked spectacular, standing with her profile outlined by the tight little red number she’d put on. Those breasts he’d fallen in love with almost twenty years ago were still as pert as the night he’d first seen them naked. Her regular routine at the gym kept her tummy trim and her thighs and calves nicely toned. He almost felt a little bad that this is how they got their kicks, and kinks, now. But she said she liked it as much as he did. At least they were out having fun and not sitting on a couch in their sweatpants watching movies. He checked his watch again. “He’s late. Maybe he got cold feet? Maybe we should have found a cheaper place? A motel or something?”
“Oh gross,” Julia said with a slight groan. “I’m too old for that shit. He’ll show. I sent him pics and everything,” she said.
Mike took a sip of his drink. He picked up his phone and swiped open the hotel app he’d downloaded earlier that day. Tapped on the restaurant icon and swiped through the menu trying to find something decent from room service. They could always just fuck then eat dinner if the guy didn’t show. Wouldn’t be as much fun and he’d paid a pretty penny for the room. No use going home now anyways.
There was a knock at the door. Julia turned to him and flashed a smile. “Told you so,” she said. He smiled back, then stared at her ass as she walked towards the door. She still had her heels on and swung side to side real nice with each step she took. He watched her turn the door handle, then swing the door open. Outside in the hall was a guy that looked about as old as Julia had said. Twenty. Maybe twenty-one. He was wearing jeans, a leather jacket with a Ryton Razers logo on the left lapel and a backwards baseball cap.
His eyes widened as he dragged them down Julia’s body, then back up to her eyes. He was built pretty good. Six foot one, maybe two. Square shoulders and flat abs. Good strong legs. Good fresh meat for Julia. “Oh, wow,” the guy said, smiling.
Julia turned and let the door go. She flashed another smile at Mike as she walked towards him.
The guy caught the door with his hand before it closed. He poked his head into the room. “Okay if I come inside?” he asked.
“Of course,” Julia said. She spun around to face him again, standing just a few feet from where Mike was seated. She put her hands on her hips and and her weight on one foot in a sassy pose.
The guy walked in and let the door swing shut behind him. “Hey,” he said, a cocksure grin forming on his mouth. “I’m Tyler,” he said, extending a hand.
Julia took it and shook it. “Hi Tyler. You’re late. I’m Julia. This is my husband Mike,” she said, waving back towards Mike.
Tyler craned his neck and looked over her shoulder at Mike. “Uh, hey,” he muttered. He was obviously a novice because he looked a little nervous, even if he was smiling.
Mike gave a lazy wave in reply. He didn’t like to get in the way too much when they did this stuff. It was easier on the guys, especially if they were on the younger side. He’d shaken hands once and the poor guy that time hadn’t been able to get hard. So now he just stayed in his chair and pretended he was furniture until they guy finished and left.
“So, uh, how do we, uh…how do we do this?” Tyler asked, rubbing his hands together and chuckling. Fresh meat, Mike thought. The guy was rigged real good so he’d probably fucked a few girls in his life. Too bad he was about to get devoured. Mike couldn’t resist a smile at the thought.