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Taming Ashley

by Samantha Madisen

Ashley Aston. Spoiled, rude and disrespectful has spent the first nineteen years of her life getting anything she wants. Morgan Kennings. The firm cowboy and family friend, has struggled with his demons for just as long and then some. When he's asked to teach the young woman a lesson, he's more than happy to oblige and handles her the only way he knows how, with a firm hand and a gruff tone. But as the two spend more time together on his ranch, they realize there is much more to their relationship than just discipline. Will Ashley be submit to Morgan's demands? Will Morgan be able to rid himself of the ghosts from his past and let himself love again? This stand alone 16,000+ word spanking romance includes a gruff cowboy, a curvy heroine, well-deserved discipline and a HEA ending.