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Strict Education

Vitessa's Strict Education

by Samantha Madisen

Having tried her family's patience for the last time, the unruly Vitessa is remanded to the custody of Lord Glastonbury and his Finishing Program. With a firm hand and a calm manner, he proceeds to tame the young tyrant and turn her into a proper lady. After a thorough, shameful and humiliating medical examination in front of a roomful of doctor's Vitessa's training begins. As the two spend more time together, the older Lord Glastonbury finds himself falling for his ward and all of her charms. Together with the help of the headmistress Mrs. Gladstone and her assistant Thomas, they administer the correct punishments and inspections that begin to teach Vitessa what it means to act in a proper manner. In time, Lord Glastonbury finds himself so taken by his newest pet that he proposes marriage. Despite his strict ways, Vitessa too becomes quite infatuated with her new master. But Mrs. Gladstone, jealous of Lord Glastonbury's affections towards Vitessa, unravels a plot to drive the two apart. When Vitessa finds the woman in Lord Glastonbury's office and in his arms, she is overcome by jealousy and runs from the room. Will Lord Glastonbury be able to win back the young woman's trust? Or will Mrs. Gladstone's wedge drive the two apart forever? This 30,000 word Victorian romance features elements of BDSM, rear training and medical play and shameful humiliation.